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About Merrygill Viaduct:

Merrygill Viaduct spans the narrow valley of Hartley Beck which flows sharply down the western slopes Birkett Hill and through the village whose name the beck bears. Built of local limestone, Merrygill Viaduct has nine arches each of 30 feet span, with a total length 366 feet, and a height above the beck of 78 feet. Like Podgill, it was originally built to carry only a single track, also being constructed by Chambers & Hilton for a price of £3,721.

Merrygill was widened to carry double track as part of the same contract for Podgill, completed about 1892. The ownership of Merrygill Viaduct had passed from British Railways to the owners and operators of Hartley Quarry, from whom it was acquired by the Northern Viaduct Trust in 2005.

Merrygill Viaduct

Merrygill Viaduct


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